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As Swyft Cities brings transformative transportation technology to market, we’re helping to clarify how the Whoosh product and other advanced transportation systems from Swyft Cities easily fit within existing regulatory frameworks.

As part of these efforts, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) recently published our detailed technical paper that we co-authored on the subject. The paper, Certification Process for Whoosh: A Cable Transport System Using Independent Autonomous Vehicles, was co-written with our engineering hardware partners Holmes Solutions of New Zealand. It lays out the regulatory pathway that’s enabling us to bring our first product, the Whoosh transport system, to one of our launch customers in New Zealand, and how the New Zealand process related to ASCE standards.

The ASCE standards for automated people movers (ANSI/ASCE/T&DI 21-13) regulate automated systems such as the people movers that you frequently see at airports.  These regulations were updated in 2021 and are the perfect regulations to cover the construction and operation of Whoosh.

In addition, we’re applying other established standards that cover ropeways and cableways regarding emergency egress.

Outside the U.S. the international CENELEC standards have analogous regulations to ensure the reliable and safe operation of Whoosh and other systems we will be implementing with our customers.

The paper is included in the journal Automated People Movers and Automated Transit Systems 2022. Copies of the journal can be downloaded here.

Our thanks to ASCE for helping us disseminate this information, which will accelerate adoption of advanced systems from Swyft Cities and other innovators that will transform our cities.