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Our Roots at Google

In 2019, Google needed a tool to help them better connect their campuses and allow for more dense, multi-use campus development.

Transportation solutions of all types were reviewed, and none solved the district-level campus connectivity problem. The project team set to work to create something new. Whoosh, the first product developed at Google with our engineering partner Holmes Solutions, was a success. It exceeded targets for effectiveness, cost, sustainability, and speed-to-market. In 2021, the core team left Google to commercialize this transportation solution as an independent company. Today, Swyft Cities continues to team with Holmes Solutions to bring innovative mobility to public and private real estate projects.

Jeral Poskey

Chief Executive Officer

Catrine Machi


Clay Griggs


Steve Raney

Systems Planner

Our Services

Swyft Cities develops transportation and real estate solutions for projects ranging from simple to complex. A global licensee and development partner of the Whoosh cable and rail transportation system, we provide project feasibility, design, and implementation consulting services to bring the Whoosh technology to market.