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Smart transportation

for more sustainable

and connected cities

Changing real estate through mobility, changing mobility through technology

20th century gondolas

meet 21st century


Swyft combines an autonomous cabin with a lightweight, fixed cable infrastructure to move passengers at a lower cost per mile with fewer carbon emissions than conventional transportation alternatives

Save time, space, and cost with reduced parking needs

Free up land use. Improve passenger experience.



Kit of parts design is flexible and easy to build



Lightweight system reduces 1Gt of carbon annually


Low Cost

Simple operations and construction yields 10x savings



Nonstop rides and flexible routes move passengers in high volumes.

Roots at Google

Swyft was created at Google in 2019. The goal was to create more dense corporate campuses that were better connected to the community around them.

The project was a tremendous success, exceeding targets for effectiveness, cost, sustainability, and speed to market. In 2021 the core team left Google to develop the product as an independent company.

Jeral Poskey

Chief Executive Officer

Catrine Machi


Clay Griggs


Pete Scott

Technical Director, Holmes Solutions

Swyft News

Tech Crunch

Swyft wins TechCrunch Sessions: Mobility 2022 Pitch-Off.


Swyft wins Audience Choice Awards at Stanford Professionals in Real Estate 2022 Innovation Summit.


Swyft presents certification plans at the American Society of Civil Engineers Conference 2022.

Partner with us

Swyft reduces costs and increases revenue for real estate developments, airports, universities and tourism destinations.

Whether you need to reduce parking, connect your site to nearby destinations, or add activity and interest, contact us to see how Swyft can add value to your project.