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Modular Transit

That Transforms

Cities and Real Estate

We’re building great places and better real estate development with Whoosh®, a breakthrough in transportation.




Whoosh® uses autonomous electric vehicles that travel independently across a flexible modular network of fixed cables and rails. It moves passengers at a lower cost with less emissions than conventional transportation options.

Enabling Better Urban Density With Less Parking

Creating Vibrant, Dynamic Walkable Communities

Reduce Parking and Free Up More Space For Great Places

Structured parking can account for 30% of a project development budget and half of its land area.

Reducing or eliminating parking frees up land for other uses.


Reduce Emissions With Better Mobility & Development

With less parking, cities and developers can build more densely and sustainably.

Whoosh® vehicles are zero emissions with minimal system infrastructure.


Faster Project Delivery,
Easily Expandable

Traditional transportation projects take years to complete. Start quickly with small projects within months, and easily expand.


Enjoyable Passenger Experiences

Enjoy scenic views with fast, comfortable trips above the traffic congestion.

On Your Way in Seconds

The vehicle begins traveling independently along the fixed cable guideways as soon as you’re onboard and ready to go.

Vehicles Wait For You

Vehicles wait at stations for passengers, not the other way around.

Fast, Comfortable Trips

Relax, sit back and enjoy the view as you soar above traffic & streets non-stop to your destination. The vehicle can navigate through turns, serve multiple routes and bypass stops.

Convenient Stations

Stations can be the size of traditional bus stops. They can be at ground level, elevated, or incorporated alongside upper levels of a building.



BuiltWorlds, a leading professional network of buildings and infrastructure professionals, names Swyft Cities to its Infrastructure 50 List 2023


CoMotion’s Innovators program names Swyft Cities one of “the best and brightest startups and early-stage companies making mobility more sustainable, multimodal and equitable.”


Swyft Cities wins TechCrunch Sessions: Mobility 2022 Pitch-Off presenting Whoosh® Transportation Technology. The judges said “Swyft is approaching a growing problem with a novel solution and a competent go-to market strategy.”


Swyft Cities wins Audience Choice Awards at Stanford Professionals in Real Estate 2022 Innovation Summit.

Partner with us

Reduced costs, improved real estate development, and provides an unmatched user experience for real estate developments, airports, universities, and tourism destinations.

Whether you need to reduce parking, connect your site to nearby destinations, or provide better last-mile connections, contact us to see how Swyft Cities can add value to your project.


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