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About Whoosh®

Swyft Cities is the sole licensee of Whoosh® Transportation Technology. Whoosh creates personalized, point-to-point transportation for passengers or goods traveling in smart electric vehicles on a light and flexible elevated cable and rail network.  Whoosh® networks include small pull-off stations as well as larger hub stations, ensuring high throughput of vehicles with a variety of destination options – providing point-to-point on-demand service coverage across a location.

Vehicles can use cable sections to span over geographic obstacles without interference to the area below. The vehicles can change elevation or turn after transitioning from cable to rail, creating countless route options throughout a location.

Additionally, the system is flexible and easy to implement in tight spaces. When existing structure is available, Whoosh® can use it as support for the network, decreasing construction cost and disruption. Whoosh® is also electric with low energy needs and zero emissions.

Holmes Solutions already developed a fully operational prototype system and is actively planning a public pilot project in New Zealand. There is additional interest for projects around the world.